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Research areas

Catalyst design

One major research interest of our group concerns the design of novel heterogeneous catalyst materials. In particular, we focus on the developemnt of well-defined single-site catalysts based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Besides this topic, we are also utilizing conventional and innovative synthesis methods for the preparation of supported transition metal catalysts. Detailed information can be found here.

Catalytic reactions

Our catalyst systems are tested in a variety of target reactions both in liquid and gas phase. Relevant reaction parameters are screened to optimize conversions, yields and selectivities. Kinetic and mechanistic studies are performed to gain a better understanding of the reaction mechanisms and to establish structure-activity correlations. Detailed information can be found here.

X-ray-based characterization methods

Beside various standard characterization methods, we are using particularly advanced X-ray-based characterization tools to analyze the molecular strucutre of our catalyst systems. Rietveld analysis in combination with high-resolution X-ray diffraction is applied to analyze crystal structures and to identify strucutral changes during the catalytic transformations. the local chemical environment and the oxidation states of the transition metal centers are investigated using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Detailed information can be found here.